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How can an OT make my job as an insurance adjuster/claims manager easier?

Logic Rehab OT’s understand the claims process for different funders and help move a claim along it’s trajectory. Rest assured that the OT is working to move the claim along on your behalf.
Detailed and expert reporting on your client’s functional capacity in the home and community.
With an occupational therapist on file, you will receive regular updates at a frequency that is convenient for you on your client’s functional status, progress, and be notified of any issues. Let us keep you updated on your client, reducing your calls.
Our OT’s have extensive training and experience with and have a high success rate with return to work status at discharge.
With a comprehensive knowledge of our funders, Logic Rehab OTs can communicate expectations and basic coverage and claims questions* on behalf of the adjuster, reducing the amount of calls you receive (*the client is always referred to the adjuster for claims decisions or for clarification regarding their benefits).
Our OT’s provide a well-reasoned clinical opinion based upon objective assessments and observations of the claimants needs. However, for our insurance clients we refrain from advocating for the claimant with respect to legal, adjudicative, entitlement, and benefit issues.
Our OTs understand the difference between compensable vs. non-compensable barriers, and communicate this clearly in our reporting. We treat only accepted conditions.
An OT gives your client attention, validation, and support on your behalf, positively influencing the claimant - adjuster relationship.
As a community service we can provide a unique service perspective on your client’s functioning by assessing them in their home and workplace.
A community OT will complete a job site visit to confirm job demands, and develop a return to work plan with the client and employer. The OT performs additional job site visits to perform job coaching to ensure a durable return to work.

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Insurance Referral Feedback for Logic Rehab

You have the highest success rate of any OT that I have worked with.

WorkSafe BC Case Manager

I just have to say that your Letter of Justification for a power wheelchair for Mr. P was exceptional. You addressed everything in a well organized format; justifying every upcharge. If all of my requests were like this- my job would be a breeze.

Ministry of Social Development Adjudicator

Your reporting is strong.

WorkSafe BC Quality Assurance

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