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An Occupational Therapist can provide value to your client’s case outside of the “six percent rule”.

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An occupational therapist can support your client’s case with:

Detailed and expert reporting on your client’s functional capacity in the home and community.

Support with a comprehensive rehab plan and accessing the supports they are entitled to through Enhanced Care.

Direct billing to ICBC and other insurers with no service costs to your client.

Did you know?

Your ICBC legal client is eligible for:

Occupational Therapy

After the car accident without the need for a doctor’s note? Contact us by phone or email and we can contact your adjuster for you to obtain approval for an assessment.

An occupational therapist can provide your legal client with:

Support with equipment for home safety, mobility, and ergonomic home office equipment.
Active rehab programs with the support of a kinesiologist.
Obtaining rehab services and navigating ICBC enhanced care.

If your client’s quality of life has been affected by a motor vehicle accident, an Occupational Therapist can support them to return to their values, life roles, and activities that are important to them.

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