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Recovering From a Car Accident?

Recovering From Car Accident

Did you know you have access to :

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Kinesiology

After the car accident without the need for a doctor’s note? Contact us by phone or email and we can contact your adjuster for you to obtain approval for an assessment.

Are there any costs for these treatments?

No. ICBC covers most or all of your treatments, and Logic Rehab does not charge user fees. Access our services at no cost to you.

We Provide

Our services

Occupational Therapy

If your quality of life has been affected by an injury, concussion, or mental health condition, an Occupational Therapist (OT) can support you to reclaim the activities you love, and the life roles that are important to you.

Chronic pain management.
Ergonomic assessment and equipment prescription.
Concussion rehab, cognitive training.
Cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety and depression.
Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia.
Exposure therapy.
Anxiety management techniques.

1 on 1 Kinesiology and Active Rehab

Support you to build your strength and get moving safely after an injury. Imagine your own personal trainer with a university education in using exercise to recover after an injury. Gym, pool, or home based 1:1 sessions.

Exercise Rehabilitation.
Spinal Stabilization Exercise Training.
Cardiovascular Exercise Training.
Active Conditioning.

We Provide

The Process

An OT will contact your ICBC adjuster to obtain approval for an assessment. The OT will complete an initial assessment with you to get to know you and how your symptoms affect your life.

This assessment provides data that informs ICBC what will be required with your rehabilitation. This may include personal care assistance or equipment. The OT then reviews the results of the assessments to develop a short and long-term rehabilitation plan, ensuring that the plan is relevant to your needs.

The treatment plan will be submitted to your adjuster to obtain the services you require for your rehabilitation. Your treatment may involve weekly home or community based sessions with an occupational therapist.

As part of your rehab plan, your OT may connect you with a kinesiologist for gym, pool, or home-based sessions.

Community Occupational Therapy

Logic Rehab is a mobile service. Our OTs and Kinesiologists meet and work with clients within their own communities and homes. This enhances the client’s ability to rehabilitate in the environment to which they live.

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