Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Why Logic Rehab?

Our Functional Capacity Evaluations are designed to evaluate the functional limitations caused by specific impairments and how they affect the ability to perform specific job-related tasks. These evaluations are thorough and take about 8 hours to complete in order to assess both functional capacity and the ability to perform work activities during a regular work shift. The evaluation process includes a comprehensive review of medical history, an interview with the client, standardized work sample tests, an Epic Lift Capacity Evaluation, and work simulation activities.

By measuring the functional capacity and tolerance for work activities, the information obtained from the Functional Capacity Evaluation can be used to facilitate or substantiate the cost of future care analysis and recommendations. For legal clients, combining a Functional Capacity Evaluation with cost of future care analysis can provide a comprehensive evaluation while optimizing efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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