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Returning to School and Work

Understanding the Need for Occupational Therapy In the diverse landscape of British Columbia, the role of occupational therapy (OT) becomes...

Work Disability

Understanding Work Disabilities Definition and Types of Work Disabilities  Work disabilities are conditions that impair an individual's ability to perform...

Stress Management

The Nature of Stress in British Columbia Common Causes of Stress among Residents Key causes of stress identified by occupational...

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What Our Clients Say

Great experience, Brian was very professional and great to deal with in the whole recovery process and helped me recover fully. Provides great information and lots of natural techniques. Thanks again!

WorkSafe BC Client

Brian was a very encouraging and supportive OT. He was my advocate, my cheerleader and a shoulder to cry on at times when I was frustrated and not meeting my own expectations. He encouraged me when he could see the progress that I wasn’t necessarily seeing! I never felt judged, rushed or misunderstood. He worked with me to make reasonable personal goals and arranged an achievable, gradual plan to return to work. He would tweak and edit that plan whenever necessary to make sure I was successful. I would not have gotten this far without his gentle support. Highly recommend!

WorkSafe BC Client

I can’t say enough good things about Logic rehabilitation! I recently worked with them over the course of 3 months while recovering from a concussion. They’re communication, patience and professionalism were outstanding throughout the process. They identified effective treatment and recovery options that suited my injury and needs. I highly recommend Logic Rehabilitation to anyone!

WorkSafe BC Client